Apple Gets Serious About Apple TV

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Apple Gets Serious About Apple TV

Here at FTR we’re all about figuring out the latest scoop in the streaming TV world.

Rumor has it that Apple TV is in the process of a hardware refresh. Yes, that’s right.  A newly updated device. We all love new devices.

And if that’s not enough to snag your sweet tooth, news recently broke that Apple is in talks to develop their very own TV content subscription service that would rival the recently launched Sling TV (which the FTR Guy is a huge fan of).

And if your still not convinced of the upcoming Apple TV sunami, apparently you haven’t heard about Apple TV and HBO?

Beginning of a Streaming TV Soap Opera?

If we were watching Days of Our Lives, this would be the scene where the stud guy with the earring shows up at the door, and we begin to hear the cheesy, dramatic music in the backgroud.

Immediately, all the girls are in awe, as the stud with the earring throws his leather jacket at the ladies and breaks out into his best rendition of Bon Jovi’s “Prayer 94,”

BTW – ‘Prayer 94’ never gets the love it deserves from true JBJ fans.

Anyway, the morale of the story is that Apple is very subtly sneaking into the video content space, with an upgrade of their flagship TV device and introduction of a subscription content service.

Game Changer?

That’s the question.

As much as Apple has accomplished in the past decade, they’ve yet to hit pay dirt in the video or content subscription world. ITunes has alway been heavily monetized in the audio, click-per-purchase, space.

Don’t get me wrong.  Apple is making bank in the ITunes space.

But imagine if everyone with an Apple device woke up one day and just decided to get all their TV/video content from Apple?  Do you know how many millions of subscribers Comcast, DirectTV and other cable / satellite companies would lose to Apple in a matter of minutes?

I don’t think we’re quite yet at that inflection point, but it’s only a matter of time until Apple takes over the video space … with the potential to wipe out the cable industry as we know it today.

What’s The Next Move?

If you’ve been waiting to purchase an Apple TV, the play is NOT to buy one right now. Be patient. Wait until Apple releases their new device and officially announces the TV service.

My guess is the next generation of the Apple TV is a game changer. It will turn into our new home base for all our content needs.

All I ask, is that six months from now when you walk into Best Buy to buy your new Apple TV, tell that guy in the blue shirt that you heard it here first, from the FTR Guy.

O’Doyle Rules.

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