Cable TV Alternatives

cable tv alternatives
I Really Want to Quit Cable!  What Are My Cable TV Alternatives?

You want to get rid of your cable or satellite provider, but you just don’t know what your cable tv alternatives are. Not to mention, it’s so hard to pull off the transition from cable.

  • First off, you have to buy and then install a HD antenna on the side of your house or in your attic. Install an antenna? On the side of your house? Last time you checked, you’re no Bob Villa.
  • Next, you have to create an inventory of all the different shows you watch, figure out what streaming content provider they’re affiliated with, and determine how much each one costs per month for a subscription.
  • Then, you need to purchase and install some type of device that will actually stream all this content to your televisions. Wait, you didn’t pay attention during AV class in high school? What the heck does ROKU mean?
  • Even if you figure out what hardware device to buy, somebody has to install all of this. Have you seen what happens to Clark Grizwold when he tries hanging Christmas lights in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?

Best case scenario, you make it all the way through the process, cancel your cable and tell all your friends how awesome you are.  That is until all the different bills come in and you realize you’re now paying more for TV than before!  Not to mention, ever since you ran that antenna cable through the roof, you’ve felt a crazy draft in your living room.

Does it sound way too confusing to cut the cord?  That is exactly how Big Cable wants you to feel! But you have one thing going for you.  You now have on your side…

The Cavalry Has ArrivedCut the Cord

What if I could offer you some help? I’ll take you step-by-step through the process.  I’ll share my real-life experience (and pictures) of how I went from $110 per month in cable TV content costs to $29 per month.  I’ll lay out the process to help you navigate this post cable apocalypse, and cut the cord once and for all.

  • No more “Cable Guy” knocks on the front door.
  • No more “this promotional rate only lasts six months”
  • No more “that price is only for new customers”

And best of all, I’m going to give this to you free of charge.  That’s right, free.  Why?  Because I was you not too long ago.  I was sick of cable, and I wish I had this tool when I tried to cut the cord.  If you like what you see, pay it forward.

Tell a friend.  Tell the world.  Just don’t tell the cable companies…

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