How To Watch TV Without Cable

Watch TV without cable

TV Without Cable

Are you sick and tired of paying for cable? How much does it set you back every month? $100? Maybe $125? You have a satellite dish? Things aren’t much better for you these days, as your probably spending north of $150.

In 2017 the average cable bill is projected to be $130 per month, and that is expected to grow by 6% a year through 2020.

Wait, but the sales guy told you it was only $49 per month?

Yeah, it started under $50, and then you pay $10 a month for a DVR, $10 more for “HD” (ironic since you can access local HD channels for free), and you add another $15 for your favorite premium channel.  Have more than one TV? Sorry, you’ll have to pay an additional $10 per TV, but not to fret, as your fifth TV is free of charge!  Wait, you want to watch sports on TV?  Ok, might as well add on another $10 for all your sports networks.

The benefit you’ll be sold is that you now have access to over 1,000 channels of television. Over 1,000 channels!? You watch less than 10 channels. WHO NEEDS 1,000 CHANNELS?

Does This Feel Like You?

How to Watch TV Without Cable

Anyway you slice it, you’re paying too much for cable or satellite TV.

Have you ever just asked yourself if this is not the biggest racket out there?  Does it seem like the cable / satellite companies are making more and more $$$ for their shareholders, and that just translates into more and more money out of your pocket every month?

Are you looking for the “How to Watch TV Without Cable” guide?

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Well you found it!  Here at, we’re flipping the subscription TV business on it’s head. We said enough is enough! We share our first hand experience with cutting the cable cord and illustrate what it’s like to live a cable/satellite free life. Is this day 1 of your cord cutting life, or are you already on your TV without cable journey. Either way, we’ve got you covered!


Let’s get started on our cable cutting journey. We’ll share all the tips and tricks to help you build the best TV solution that meets your TV needs.



Maybe a “journey” sounds like too much of a commitment and you just want the one page answer guide?  If this sounds like you, we’d recommend you go directly to our one page, cord cutting cheat cheat.