TV Without Cable – It’s Time to Quit Cable!

Tv without cable

TV Without Cable

We’ve finally arrived.  Free of a cable subscription.  TV without cable feels so good. Life feels different without the monthly cable bill or guilty feeling of paying for over 1,000 channels while only watching seven.

We were so “geeked” about our experience and excited to tell anyone who would listen, that we decided to create a web platform around the topic. Now our job is to help the rest of the world (starting with you) quit cable and join the post apocalyptic, cable free world.

HBO was so excited to hear of our cable cutting move that they decided to begin offering a streaming only channel on Apple TV.

Thanks @HBO.  We’re honored that you did this just for us.

Why Do We Exist?

You pay too much for cable. And we want to help.

Do you like the slogan? It kind of sounds like Ghost-busters meets Power Rangers.  Ok, maybe it doesn’t sound anything like that.  But its still pretty darn cool. We’re here to help you quit cable (or satellite TV). back links .  We just did it and we want you to follow.  We’re here to solve a problem.

Your experience at Free TV Review is split into three epic journeys:

1. Complete Guide to Quitting Cable

Here you’ll find a detailed, five-step process that takes you soup to nuts through the process of, you guessed it, quitting cable.  We update these pages frequently, as the cut the cord scene is changing by the day!

2. Best Streaming Resource Guides

Here you’ll find specific tools to help you on your cable cutting journey. We have all sorts of product reviews, FAQs and user guides.

3. Free TV Review Blog

This is the one place in the world where you’ll find me: Brent, the FTR Guy, waxing poetic on the Streaming TV scene. You’ll learn what’s new in the world of cord cutters and learn a few tips and tricks along the way.

BTW – that’s right here – on this page that you’re reading right now.  So technically, if your reading this, you already know that this page exists…this is deep stuff.

What’s in Store at Free TV Review?

We’ll make you laugh.  We’ll make you cry.  We’ll make you tear your heart out with triumphant first person narratives of fellow cable cord cutters … Well.  we’ll at least make you laugh.

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