Sling TV DVR Meets The Cloud

Sling TV DVR

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If I had a nickel for every time a potential Cable Cutter told me they were ready to cut the cord but were paralized by the lack of an easy DVR solution in a post cable world….well let’s just say I wouldn’t be writing this blog post!

Here at FTR we were an early adopter of Sling TV and survived the “No DVR” apocalypse.  We ended up purchasing a TiVo Bolt for an Over The Top (OTT) DVR and have been very pleased with the performance.  However, one drawback has always been the inability to DVR any content streaming on Sling TV.


Sling TV recently announced they are beta testing a cloud based Sling TV DVR that would allow any Sling TV subscriber to record any live show, movie or sporting event on their content platform and watch at a later date and time.  Potential Cord Cutters rejoice, as you may now finally have an EASY replacement for your DVR!


While Sling TV has been light on the details, here’s how we understand the Beta Program to work:

What’s the Feeling on Sling TV DVR?

Overall we love the concept of a cloud based DVR.  We remained surprised that many of the major brand players have yet to corner this aspect of the market, as its ripe for the picking for cord cutters.

While time will tell if Sling’s initial foray into cloud-based DVRs is a winner, it is another step in the right direction for all cable cutters and the streaming TV industry as a whole!

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