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AT&T / DirecTV made a large splash in the streaming TV space over the Thanksgiving holiday by announcing DirecTV Now, which is the latest attempt by mainstream cable/satellite TV providers to penetrate the quickly growing streaming TV market.  AT&T  / DirecTV are focusing this offer on millennials who are choosing to spurn traditional cable/satellite subscriptions, though here at FTR we believe the market is much larger than those young millennials!


What Does FreeTVReview.Com Think About DirecTV Now?

Our readers come to FTR for us to help separate the signal from the noise.  So what do we think of the offer?

What We Like About DirecTV Now

What We Don’t Like About DirecTV Now

Will the FTR Crew Purchase DirecTV Now?

Overall, we continue to be pleased by more and more traditional cable/satellite TV providers offering streaming TV packages. While we don’t often toot our own horn, we’ve been predicating this would happen for over two years, so it’s nice to see it coming to fruition.

For now, we’ll continue to stick with Sling TV, as for the price/content we feel it’s the best package that meets our needs.  That being said, DirecTV Now has some cool features and has filled some of the content holes in Sling TV’s current offering (e.g. CNBC is an added cost for Sling TV but part of DirecTV Now’s base package).

For new cord cutters, I would absolutely review the most recent prices/deals between Sling TV and DirecTV now. DirecTV is a much bigger brand name in the marketplace and we wouldn’t be surprised if they’re able to attract a larger following than Sling TV within twelve to eighteen months.


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