Amazon Fire TV Wows Users

Amazon Fire TV Wows Users

Amazon already has a large chunk of our disposable monthly income, and they’re in the process of trying to tap into another treasure trove of our monthly pleasures: TV/video content.  Join the cord cutting community and use a small device to replace your big, ugly cable box.  That’s the pitch, anyway.

Let’s Hear About the Goods

Amazon Fire TV is a small device that connects to a HDMI input and allows you to stream all of your favorite television shows and movies directly to your television. This teeny weenie device is basically On Demand on steroids with better quality. However, its usefulness is not just limited to that. It is a downloading system connected to the web and can play music from Amazon Prime or virtually any streaming audio service.

It can be controlled by remote control, and once connected and set up, it can work with Kindle, Android, and iPhone. Typically, devices with remote controls require the user to be near the device, like less than 5 feet, but Fire can be accessed across the room with great accuracy.

The selling price for the Amazon Fire TV is $99.00. This is a fairly good deal considering all that the Fire can do, especially when you consider that you can command it from across the room and watch just about whatever you want including HBO shows. Amazon also has a streaming feature benefit under its Prime standard, including a becoming number of unique shows like Alpha House and The After. At the same time now there are reports that it wants to go further.

Amazon Fire TV is a very resourceful box, especially for such a low price. But the biggest concern is if you’re not a part of Amazon Prime, then it is not as useful besides just downloading apps for Netflix and Hulu, which you can do on just about any form of technology these days. whoiswho domain So if you are looking to buy Amazon Fire TV, be prepared to sign up for Amazon Prime so that you may get the most out of your new box.

What’s Free TV’s Point-of-View?

You come here for the cold hard facts.  And we try to deliver.

If you want to quit cable, you need some sort of streaming device.  If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, getting the Amazon Fire TV (or Amazon Fire Stick) is a no-brainer.  The Fire Stick will help you get more out of your current Amazon Prime subscription, and you can use it to access your audio and video (and TV) content needs such as: Netflix, Hulu, Pandora. It’s perfect for you or as a gift for anyone looking to cut the cable cord!


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